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Any dental procedure or treatment you have is not merely an investment for your teeth; it is also an investment for your health and over-all well being. At Dallas Advanced Dentistry, we truly believe that the cost of any dental procedure should never deter you from having the procedure you want or need.

At Dallas Advanced Dentistry we continually strive to bring our patients the highest quality dental care combined with affordable prices. The fact that we have Dallas’s only in-house laboratory helps us bring invaluable savings to our dental patients, because all of our cosmetic and restorative dental materials are created on our premises.

Furthermore, all the dental services we provide are performed at one location- so our patients will never have the inconvenience or the added expensive incurred by travelling to multiple locations for their procedures. The cost of any dental treatments or procedures we provide will always be privately discussed in detail with you, along with your payment options, during your initial consultation so there will never be any surprises when your procedure begins.