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Esthetic Choice for Denture Teeth

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Even a denture wearer can wear a drop dead striking smile.

You no longer have to experience the facial changes, the discomfort or just the artificial appearance that is brought about by conventional dentures when you start losing your teeth.

We are here to help you create a natural and healthy smile using custom cosmetic dentures. It is with custom dentures that you will experience;

An improved mouth function and chewing ability
A better health and overall well-being
Improved mouth comfort
Enhanced cosmetic appearance and
An increased self-esteem as well as self confidence

We are here to work together and offer a complete denture design where we involve you in the creation of a custom denture that not only matches your gender, but also your personality and skin tone. We achieve this goal by attending to details such as your teeth arrangements, your teeth shade, gum portion of your denture, gum contour, tooth size and their position.

It is important to note that not all dentures are equal. They are made according to specifications. All types of dentures are not fabricated using the same techniques or even materials. The acrylic that is used in the pink tissue portion of a denture shrinks when processed and can easily cause inaccuracies in the fitting of a denture in your mouth. It is this shrinkage that causes sore spots in the mouth as well as movement of the entire denture when eating or speaking. It is fortunate that a revolutionary system known as a SR lvocap® has been developed. This system works effectively in compensating for the processing shrinkage of a denture base material. The system utilizes a state of the art injection technology in the denture processing. The end result is an accurate denture that provides a best fit that will make you comfortable while eating, speaking or even smiling.

The denture system comes with some advantages that include

Strength – it is an extremely dense material that cannot easily break
Comfort – it has a reduced irritation to gums
Fit – no denture adhesive is needed to fit this denture
Esthetics – it is natural looking allowing you to smile, speak and laugh confidently
It is bio-compatible in that it will not stain, collect odors or bacteria
It is a non-porous material that maintains cleanliness and gives you a fresh look as well as helping you maintain a fresh breath.

With us, you expect to get premium quality dentures that not only instill confidence but also give you the comfort that you desire. You will get a precision denture that will provide you with an optimum function while you are eating, speaking and even laughing. You will get a natural like denture that will help you recreate your real character even as you smile.

The Esthetic Choice for Denture Teeth!

A wide range of quality as well as esthetics are brought about by denture teeth. The natural teeth are normally composed of layers that do reflect light in different ways. Denture teeth that have poor esthetics are easily identified since they are not only flat but also dull when they are reflected in different lights. They simply do not reflect light in a similar way like natural teeth do.

The ivoclar teeth have been specially made by skilled artisans who apply their special skills to put the teeth in layers that allow the teeth to respond to different light conditions similar to the natural teeth enamel. Such are the layers that replicate the natural teeth and feature a pearl effect that has a blue iridescence that will never appear grey in your mouth. This is the sole reason as to why the ivoclar teeth have a life-like depth as well as translucency.

It is equally important to know the materials that the denture teeth are fabricated from. The ivoclar teeth are made from cross-linked acrylics of very high quality that makes them resistant to excessive wear, chips, stains, and breakages. This high quality material maintains the natural shape of the teeth that aids in cutting and chewing foods in a proper way. Ivoclar teeth are the best natural choice for those who might demand for the best esthetics and quality.