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what are dental implants?

With a success rate of almost 98%, and in the right hands 100%, an affordable dental implant procedure is a standard solution to replace missing, defective or infected teeth with a prosthetic replacement: single crown or a whole set of prosthetic teeth. Affordable dental implants are surgically placed into a patient’s jawbone and fused with the bone in a process that can take a few months. The implant functions as a root replacement of the missing tooth. It also lays the foundation for bridgework. A fused dental implant closely mimics a natural tooth, is stable and does not affect nearby teeth. Titanium is the most used material for implants as it’s fully compatible with the human body. And as compared to dentures, which have to be removed for dental care, implants are just like fixed teeth and need the same brushing and flossing routine.

At Dallas Dentistry, Texas, Dr. Darian Kaar, a leading dental implant specialist, always explains how your affordable dental implants will be placed and its benefits. He has helped restore the oral health and smiles of more than 9,500 patients after placing different types of affordable dental implants.


How Much Does A Dental Implant Procedure Cost?

The cost of a dental implant procedure varies depending on multiple factors. Although, given that it’s a long-lasting solution and implants do not require frequent maintenance apart from the usual dental hygiene practice. Therefore, affordable dental implants placed by competent dentists are like a double advantage. Though patients can also choose from equally beneficial and tooth replacement dental procedures such as a dental bridge or partial dentures.

A single-figure cost for affordable dental implants is difficult to arrive as no two custom-made dental implants will be the same. And the main factors that determine and vary the cost of dental implants are:

The complexity of procedure: single tooth or multiple teeth
Number of dental appointments
Dental condition of the patient
Number of procedures involved
Credentials and experience of the dentist and dental practice
Location and operating cost of the practice and prevalent market rate
In-house technical capabilities of a dental practice

At Dallas Dentistry, Dr. Kaar offers affordable dental implants. The main reason why we can offer affordable dental implants is that we are thorough in our initial dental examination, which ensures there are no mistakes, and we make full use of our in-house prosthetic laboratory to make your custom-fit affordable dental implants.



Different types of dental implants

Advanced Dentistry offers different dental implant procedures based on the examination of the patient’s dental condition. Please get in touch with Dr. Kaar’s dental office to know what type of affordable dental implants are appropriate for you:

Receive Your Affordable Dental Implants And New Healthy Teeth In Just One Day

Dental patients need not wait for months to receive their full set of teeth. Dr. Kaar, based on his industry experience, has developed ‘Immediate Function,’ which is same day procedure. It’s an affordable and safe way to provide the complete set of functional teeth that are just like normally-functioning natural teeth—in a procedure that takes 24 hours or less. So, with the help of Dr. Kaar’s skills and use of cutting-edge dental equipment, your affordable dental implants make an attractive and healthy smile possible in just one day.

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Procedure Timing

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    The time required to complete a dental implant procedure depends on the patient’s dental health, the number of teeth to be replaced and bone density. It can take just one day to up to six months to receive your affordable dental implants. At Dr. Kaar’s clinic, the majority of the patients require only three dental visits for their affordable dental implants.

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    At the stage of the initial consultation, we carry out a comprehensive oral exam including a 3DCT scan for accurate diagnosis, examine if intervening procedures such as bone grafting are needed, and share the plan for suggested treatment.

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    During your second visit, we place your affordable dental implants and give you ‘temporaries’ until your next appointment.

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    On your next appointment, your affordable dental implants will be uncovered and an abutment, a small titanium piece that connects your dental implant to your prosthetic teeth, will be placed. Lastly, we will attach your beautiful new teeth.

To know more about how you can receive your affordable dental implants and schedule an initial consultation, please call Dr. Kaar’s office at 214-989-7431. Advanced Dentistry also offers dental services for braces, dentures, bridges, teeth whitening, sedation, and cosmetic dentistryGet Started

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I was very relieved to find a dentist that could so quickly get me in an do the implant procedure. I am an over the road truck driver so i simply don't have time for scheduled appointments. Dr. Kaar was an extremely nice man and so was his staff. best regards raymond weaver

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I had this spring an implant, 2 crowns, and a cleaning at Advanced Dentistry. This is a totally professional (and friendly) operation. The entire staff is excellent; there are no weak links. Dr. Kaar is absolutely first-rate, the best dentist I have had in my life.

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OMG, where do I start? First of all, let me tell everyone that I had an emergency. I called Advanced Dentistry for the first time and they booked me in immediately.

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