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Same Day Dental Crowns @ Advanced Dentistry, Lewisville

At Advanced Dentistry, we keep reinventing our dental procedures to keep the discomfort our patients have to a minimum while accelerating the various treatment options such as placing dental crowns.

As a part of this endeavour, we have our own lab on site utilizing the most modern equipment from the leading players in Dentistry – world-class 3-Shape Software a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology for 3D modelling to designs crowns in minutes. The designs are digitally fed to Amann Girrbach or Zirkonzahn milling machines that we use to manufacture dental crowns all in the same day.

When a patient walks into our clinic with a tooth issue, we determine the treatment procedure, and, in some cases, there is a need for a crown. Usually, when a tooth decays, chipping or breakage is so heavy that very little of the natural tooth remains and the tooth needs protection, we suggest a crown. Cosmetic crowns are also common where a tooth crack needs to be repaired or the gap between the teeth needs to be filled.

Crowns come in three main types :

Metal alloy crowns: Typically made of gold, gold blended with silver, silver, platinum, titanium or palladium. These crowns have a distinct metallic color.

Porcelain fused with metals: The remainder of the natural tooth is covered with metal and the metal in turn is fused with a thin layer of porcelain that could help match the color shade of the natural teeth to the one that is being repaired.

Full metal-free crowns: These are the most popular crowns these days, where instead of metals, alumina, leucite, zirconia and porcelain are used to fabricate a crown, that is the most identical to the natural tooth as well as long-lasting.

Crown fitting procedure – The Old way :

Fitting a dental crown is usually a two-step procedure. The decayed or the affected tooth must first be prepped by removal of all decay and old restoration and prepare the tooth so that it can support the crown. Then the impressions of the tooth are taken (which is again an uncomfortable process, as the patients usually gag while their jaws are pressed against the impression material). Then the dentist / trained registered assistant fabricates a temporary crown and sends the patient away, while sending the impressions to an offsite lab. The permanent crown is then manufactured in the offsite lab and takes anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks in which time you run a chance of the temporary crown coming off or breaking due to various contributing factors. The Dentist again schedules an appointment and calls the patient wherein, he/she takes out the temporary crown and fits the permanent crown using special adhesive and checks the compatibility in grinding and friction with the other natural teeth. Often, because of the loss of control between the Dentist and the lab technicians, there could be a mismatch and there is a chance that the whole impression, crown manufacture and crown-fitting processes could repeat.

Crown-fitting process, The Advanced Dentistry way :

After cleaning the decayed, worn out or chipped tooth, we put the patients thru a short oral scanning process. Our intra-oral scans and cameras will ensure that the most accurate digital impressions are created for restorative crowns and are relayed to the specialized 3Shape lab design software in our lab which works in tandem with our advanced milling equipment. Our experienced staff use the CAD (Computer Aided design) software to arrive at the exact design of the dental crowns and the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software on the milling machine to make the crowns to perfection. The best part is, all this would be happening while you are peacefully waiting in our clinic browsing a magazine or checking your e-mails!

Once the crown is ready, our Dentist fits it and you are ready to go after our trained staff will brief you about caring for your teeth!

Our lab is a scalable set-up and our Dentists work in tandem with the appointments, thus ensuring that all the patients who have appointments that day, can have their crowns made, fitted and sent away the same day. We invite you to experience this one-day miracle for yourself!