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Same Day Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth

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One-Day Teeth Replacement

Traditionally, dental implants take several months to heal before dental restorations can be attached; however, not all teeth replacement solutions have to be a long, arduous process. In fact, there are one-day teeth replacement solutions, including dental implants, that can have you in and out of our office with a brilliant new smile in no time at all.

At Advanced Dentistry , we utilize a same day dental implant technique that is effective at replacing missing or damaged teeth in just one clinical visit. Known as Immediate FunctionTM, this successful one-day teeth replacement procedure is safe, cost and time-effective, and convenient for patients wanting a natural, healthy smile in less than24 hours.

Whether you are a denture wearer or are in need of replacing one tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch, our same day dental implant procedure is a quick and efficient way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Advanced technology, including our high resolution 3D CT scan and virtual planning software, allows us to map out your custom restorations and your surgical procedure before your scheduled implant appointment takes place. Your replacement teeth will be custom designed to fit the size, shape and shading of your natural teeth to ensure a seamless fit and aesthetic.

On the day of your implant procedure, everything has been planned and is ready for your arrival. We complete your same day dental implant procedure while you are under a local anesthetic, so all you are required to do is sit back and relax, knowing that you will leave our office with a beautiful and functional smile immediately.

Unlike other dental implant techniques, Immediate FunctionTM does not require the use of a temporary removable denture while your implants heal and fuse to the bone and gum tissue. Instead, our technique allows missing teeth to be replaced immediately with new dental implants and custom restoration in the same procedure in the same day. This one-day teeth replacement solution saves time, money, anxiety and immediately improves one’s self-confidence, dental function and oral health.

This same day dental implant technique has been well documented and is proved to be just as effective as conventional dental implant solutions, but in less time. Technological advancements make this one-day teeth replacement solution a viable alternative to months of dental work that may be required through the traditional route with all of the benefits dental implants have to offer.

With one-day teeth replacement solutions, a brilliant new smile is within reach easily and effectively. Get your smile back in no time by giving us a call to schedule your initial consultation!