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Full Mouth Reconstruction Dallas

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What is Full Mouth Reconstruction ?

Full mouth reconstruction refers to a range of treatments used to restore a patient’s smile when significant damage occurs in both the upper and lower jaws. These treatments may proceed other restorative treatments such as the placement of implants. These treatments may also be referred to as full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restoration.

Advanced Dentistry uses our extensive experience and knowledge of preventative, cosmetic, and restorative procedures to offer the highest quality full mouth restoration, including: bridges, gum treatment, crowns, implant placement, and more.

Full mouth restoration may be used to treat:

  • Worn, decayed, and damaged teeth in the lower and upper jaws
  • Misaligned teeth (malocclusion) which may cause chronic jaw or facial pain, headaches, and a feeling that teeth do not fit properly together

Full mouth rehabilitation is sometimes used prior to the placement of dental implants. Rehabilitation ensures your oral health is sufficient for the successful placement of dental implants so you do not waste time or money having to replace failed implants down the road.

What to Expect

While the exact treatment used depends on the unique needs of the patient, there are some common steps we take before all full mouth treatments.

First, we inspect your teeth to determine the nature of and extent of damage to your teeth. We will also check the condition of your teeth, gum tissues, bite alignment, jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints, and more to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo full mouth rehabilitation. If your oral health is lacking, corrective procedures such as scaling and planing may be used to eliminate infection and restore your mouth to a sufficiently health state so other treatments can proceed.

When all treatments are complete, you will have a fully restored smile that lasts for years to come! To learn more about our treatment options, please give us a call today.